Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lee Evans awards of his career

Grant Lee Evans, he is a residential of home builder whose won first middle and last name were used to name three streets in a Sonoma subdivision, died Dec. He had a work at least 250 homes and around Sonoma during his career, said Evans’ daughter, Renée Gamble, of Silverdale, Wash.

Gamble said, "He remodeled many notable properties, including Sonoma’s Trojan Horse Inn and the property of Henry Riboni, a former Sonoma mayor".

Evan was born at Santa Rosa hospital on 26 Nov, 1933. He's family had immigrated to California.

Gamble said, “At one point they had 10,000 acres. They raised sheep and had dairy cows, horses and grew apples.”

In Annapolis Haricon School Even had visited where was a one room and his father got education in this school. In 1955 he left the military and started work in Colverdale lummber mill where he turn a foreman finally. In April 1957 Ever married to Marlene J. Howell. They have two kids in a Santa Rosa home than he assembled in the Bennett Vally neighborhood.