Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Comedy Lee Evans perform more concerts

Comedy Lee Evens is performing more 13 concerts in the UK and Ireland after his first batch of concerts sold out. And now he will visit 12 cities and perform 63 concerts over the course of his Roadrunner tour, which surpasses his 2008 offering.

The Daily Telegraph said of him: "For gags per minute and unflagging energy, he's unbeatable," according to his official website.

At the MEN Arena in Manchester Evans played as a solo artist to the biggest comedy audience in 2005. Now he will back to the venue for a four day residency between November 9th and 12th.

Evans has also revealed in a number of films, including Mouse Trap, The Martins and There's Something About Mary.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lee Evans will back at MEN Arena

Comedy star Lee Evans will back to the Men Arena in Manchester with his new tour Roadrunner at the end of this year.
In 2005 at the MEN Arena Evans broke the Guinness World Record best performing to the biggest comedy audience, after now will be performing new material as part of the tour.

The Bristol- he is born comedian, at the Edinburgh Festival he won the 1993 Perrier Award and has also revealed hit movies are including Funny Bones, Mouse Hunt, The Fifth Element and There’s Something About Mary.

Evans four night residency tickets are available on sale from 9-12 November.